BeerAdvocate & Dogfish Head IPA Fest Pre-Party

Sep 13, 2019 — starts at 12:00 pm

BeerAdvocate IPA Fest Pre-Party at Barcade on Friday, September 13th 2019 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Join us Friday, September 13th for the official pre-party to BeerAdvocate’s IPA Fest in Brooklyn!

Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head and Jason and Todd Alström of BeerAdvocate will be in attendance alongside representatives from the breweries involved.

We will be raffling off merch, branded glassware, books signed by Sam, and some specialty bottles of beer from Sam’s private stash.

Our special tap list will showcase several extremely rare/aged kegs, local New York brewery taproom exclusives shared with us, and several Dogfish Head core beers including:

Brooklyn MegaPurple – 7.8% ABV – Sour Ale brewed with Brettanomyces and wine grapes and aged in Sauvignon Blanc wine barrels

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA – 6.0% ABV – Dogfish Head’s classic hop-saturated IPA

Dogfish Head Bitches Brew 2010 – 9.0% ABV – Imperial Stout brewed in honor of the 40th anniversary of Miles Davis’ classic album. This keg has been aged at Barcade since 2010!

Dogfish Head Flesh & Blood – 7.5% ABV – IPA brewed with lemon flesh, orange zest, and blood orange juice

Dogfish Head Raison D’EXTRA – 20.0% ABV – The biggest, darkest, most raison-y beer ever made!

Dogfish Head SeaQuench Ale – 7.8% ABV – Sour Ale brewed with lime peel, black limes, and sea salt

Dogfish Head Slightly Mighty – 4.0% ABV – The mightiest Session IPA in all the land!

Finback BA BQE Stout 2016 – 9.2% ABV – Imperial Stout brewed with coffee from Queens-based Native Coffee Roasters and cocoa nibs from Brooklyn-based Mast Brothers aged in bourbon barrels. This keg has been aged at Barcade since 2016!

Harpoon Triticus 2010 – 11.5% ABV – Wheat Wine brewed in collaboration with the founders of Beer Advocate. This keg has been aged at Barcade since 2010!

Industrial Arts Week 156 – 6.8% ABV – Juicy and hazy IPA brewed in celebration of Industrial Arts’ 3rd Anniversary

Interboro Mad Fat Fluid – 7.0% ABV – Super citrus-y hazy IPA

KCBC Birthday Zombie Apocalypse – 6.0% ABV – Sour Ale brewed with blueberries, black raspberries, strawberries, mangoes, vanilla, and lactose.  This beer was brewed in celebration of KCBC’s 3rd Anniversary

SingleCut Is This The Real Life? 2.0 – 7.2% ABV – IPA double dry hopped and loaded with fresh Aussie hops, thunderbolts, and lightning!

Sixpoint Mirror Image – 8.0% ABV – Imperial IPA brewed exclusively with Australian hops

Threes Counterpart – 4.5% ABV – Hazy American style Pale Ale



See you then…