Barcade Halloween Party!!!

Oct 26, 2019 — starts at 12:00 pm

Halloween Party at Barcade on Saturday, October 26th 2019 in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

A dark room summons you. You peer inside. Familiar pulsing lights cast shadows on the walls, as screams from inside fill the night air. Your heart races as you enter.

JOIN US for a haunting Halloween party, Saturday October 26th! We’ll have on a PETRIFYING playlist, a TERRIFYING tap list, and a CREEPY cocktail special! Wear a costume and receive $2 in FREE tokens, and any Barcade exclusive beer for just $5!


Allagash Haunted House – 6.6% ABV – Belgian Dark Ale that you won’t escape alive!

Avery The Beast 2014 – 16.2% ABV – Belgian Grand Cru aged since 2014. Beware of the Beast!

B. Nektar Zombie Killer – 5.5% ABV – Cider brewed with cherry juice and honey. Team this Killer up with the KCBC for maximum chance of survival!

Burial The Tearing Of Flesh From Bone – 8.2% ABV – Imperial IPA dosed with hemp terpenes that will leave your bleached skeleton shining!

KCBC Zombieland Double Tap – 5.5% ABV – Sour ale with boysenberry, strawberry, apricot, and raspberry. Maybe you should have a second one. You know, just to be sure!

Lord Hobo Doomsauce – 7.8% ABV – Black Double IPA that tastes like annhilation!

Southern Tier Warlock – 10.0% ABV – Imperial Stout brewed with pumpkins. Sure to weave you into the underworld!

Two Roads Roadsmary’s Other Baby – 9.7% ABV – Pumpkin Ale aged in rum barrels. Don’t eat the chocolate mousse!