Barrier Beer Night!!!

Aug 29, 2013 — starts at 4:00 pm

Barrier Brewing Night — August 29, 2013 at Barcade® in Brooklyn, NY

Please join us on Thursday, August 29th, as we welcome Barrier Brewing from Oceanside, NY. Brewers/Owners Craig Frymark and Evan Klein will be joining us, along with Mike, Simon and Sean from their crew.  The event will start at 4 PM.

The draft list:

Barnacle – 6.2% ABV – American Brown Ale you’ll stick with once it latches on
Bulkhead – 6.3% – American Red Ale may offer salvation if your hull is breached
Bumble – 8.0% – Double Wheat IPA reformulated and brewed in celebration of Barrier’s 3rd Anniversary
Evil Giant (cask) – 6.4% – Rye IPA dry-hopped and primed with mangoes
Frau Blücher – 5.2% – German style Rauchbier brewed without any horses whatsoever
Gosilla – 3.8% – German style Gose brings the brine, but won’t leave you with atomic breath
Greenroom – 5.6% – American Pale Ale proves that sometimes it IS easy being green
Medulla – 7.1% – English Imperial IPA grasps the reins of your brain
Mollycoddle – 4.5% – English Dark Mild puts on the kid gloves
Moochelle – 5.2% – Milk Stout pouring on nitro, like an alcoholic milkshake
Morticia – 9.5% – Russian Imperial Stout is dark, strong and altogether ooky
Oblong – 8.5% – American Dark Strong Rye brewed with 30% rye for a spicy kick
Saisoff – 6.0% – Hoppy Saison that undoubtedly would have been a favorite of Mr. Miyagi
Spelunker – 6.5% – Dark Saison delves into the dark depths of your digestive system
Red Button – 8.8% – Imperial Red Ale is Bulkhead’s big brother
Ruckus – 6.4% – A raucous India Pale Ale that rocks us
Hope to see you there,