Do I have to be over 21 to come in?

Yes. Everyone must be 21 and over.

How much are the games to play?

25¢ per game! Old School!

Do you have pinball machines?

No, We stick to vintage arcade video games exclusively.

You guys have the game on?

We do not have a television at this location.

Is there a change machine?

Yes. It’ll take anything from a $1 bill to a $20 bill.

Do you have an ATM on site?

Yes we do!

Do you serve food?

We do not have a kitchen at this location but we do sell snacks such as pretzels, potato chips, beer nuts, and beef jerky.

Can we order food and have it delivered to Barcade?

Yes. We have a binder on hand full of local restaurants that deliver.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! They can be used at all Barcade® locations.
Gift cards can also be purchased online.

Is there a cover charge to get in?

Nope! Never a cover charge.

Do you have live music?

No. But we do play a very eclectic mix of rock music! See what’s playing now!

Are there private rooms we can reserve for a party?

We do not have any private rooms at this location.

Can I reserve a table or tables for my party?

We can reserve tables, but not after 9:30pm on Friday and Saturdays. Contact us for more info.

Can I get special pricing for my party?

For very large groups there is a possibility we can work out something except for Fridays and Saturdays. Contact us for more info.

Can I have an exclusive, private party on a Friday or Saturday?

Not usually. But if money is no object, let’s talk! Contact us.

Are there other Barcade locations?

We currently have locations in Brooklyn, Jersey City and Philadelphia. Please visit barcade.com for more information.

Do you own the name “Barcade”?

Yes, Barcade is a registered federal trademark.

Can I license a Barcade franchise?

Barcade is a privately owned company. We do not currently have plans to offer franchise locations.